Digital & Traditional Pet Portraits


I offer custom portraits of your pet, either digitally painted or traditionally drawn with colored pencils and gouache.


Digital portraits: $45

  • You will receive a high resolution (300 dpi) file of your portrait, approximately 11”x14”. You may print the portrait as you like. I will happily provide printing suggestions.

Traditional portraits: $55 for 5”x7” — $80 for 8”x10” (plus sales tax and shipping)

  • You will receive the original portrait in the mail.

  • You will also receive a high resolution scanned file of the portrait.

All portraits include a single pet on a solid color or gradient background. If you wish to add more pets to a single portrait, or have special requests for the background or other elements in the portrait, I may add an extra charge. Please e-mail me your idea and I can provide you with a quote.

Prices are subject to change at any time.

How to Request a Portrait

1. E-mail me with a photo that you want the portrait based on. High resolution photos of your pet taken at eye level, in natural light are the best. If you’re not sure, send a few photos and we can decide on a pose together.
2. Please include these items in your e-mail:

  • Name of your pet

  • Tidbit about their personality

  • Which portrait type you want (digital or traditional)

  • Which size option (if ordering a traditional portrait)

  • What address you’d like the portrait sent to (if ordering a traditional portrait)

  • Any special requests

3. I will send you an invoice with the final price. I accept payment via Paypal or Venmo.
4. After payment is received, I will begin the portrait. When complete, you will have an opportunity to review it before I send you the file or physical portrait.


Time to complete portraits may vary depending on my work schedule. I will give you an estimate at the time of your order. If you need it by a certain time (for a gift, for example), please let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate.


I reserve all rights to the image I create and may post the image online for self-promotion purposes. You may print, reproduce, or modify the image, but you may not resell it or claim it as your own.